ISL provides an independent expert witness service in Hong Kong and throughout Asia across a broad range of quantum and time-based matters.         

Our experts specialise in:

  • Measurement and Valuation of Variations;
  • Payment and Certification issues;
  • Forensic Analysis of Delay, Disruption and Extension of Time;
  • Valuation of Costs Arising from Delay, Disruption and Extension of Time, Loss and/or Expense, Prolongation Costs, Damages and Defect Issues.

ISL’s services include:

  • Risk appraisal and advice on standard forms of contract, bespoke contracts and ‘Special Conditions of Contract’;
  • Risk assessment prior to bidding including an assessment on potential variations and changes;
  • Advice on the formation of contract and the wording of Letters of Intent, warranties, bonds and the like.

Assistance with management of projects following the contract award including:

  • Commercial advice on sub-contract procurement routes, forms of contract, construction management and programming;
  • Financial management of the project account including administration of interim payments, the measurement and evaluation of variations, the preparation of variation accounts and Final Accounts;
  • Administration of sub-contract/specialist accounts, project cost reporting, cash flows and risk analysis;
  • Creation, implementation and operation of cost management procedures to maximise efficiency and economy;
  • Contract administration including the preparation of the appropriate contractual correspondence, notices and supporting documents.

ISL is familiar with the use of contemporary IT planning/scheduling packages including MS Project and Primavera.

Our planners are experienced in the following activities:

  • Researching complex contractual documentation in order to prepare the tender, contract and/or baseline programme;
  • Resource and cost loading of programmes;
  • Investigation of various construction solutions to reduce project duration;
  • Programme risk identification and comparison of mitigation methods;
  • Monitoring and reporting of progress and progress audits;
  • Interface co-ordination;
  • Preparation of recovery and accelerated programmes;
  • Preparation of earned value and other project benchmarking measures;
  • Critical path analysis;
  • Forensic planning, delay/time analysis.

ISL has vast experience in representing a wide range of clients where claims have been required or disputes have arisen on projects.

Services include:

  • Providing an independent overview of contract provisions;
  • Identification of contractual entitlements;
  • Advice on contractual correspondence;
  • Analytical review of cost of resource data using graphical representation where appropriate;
  • Production of detailed submissions for quantum or extension of time claims including negotiating to settlement;
  • Claims rebuttal/defence of quantum and extension of time claims lodged by contractors, sub-contractors and specialists;
  • Advice on alternative dispute resolution processes including mediation, adjudication, arbitration, conciliation and expert determination;
  • Independent advice on contractual entitlements, obligations and liabilities,
    Expert Witness services for quantum and planning/programming issues.

ISL can provide assistance with:

  • Document Management Systems;
  • Advice on the appointment of advisors and experts;
  • Management of Notices and preparation of Pleadings, Position Papers and the like;
  • Interviewing and briefing Witnesses of Fact;
  • Advice on negotiation strategies;

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